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Odyssey anchored in Belfast, Maine
Odyssey anchored in Belfast, Maine

 2017 Float Plan

Our 2017 Float Plan begins with a 4,000 mile voyage to Cork, Ireland departing Sarasota the beginning of May. Captain Jim Mobley will be joining us aboard for the crossing helping us with mechanical and cosmetic maintenance, navigational planning and watch keeping while underway. Our goal is to have Odyssey fully prepared to depart from Palm Beach by May 1st, and we will get under way at the first acceptable weather window thereafter.

The first leg is the 250 mile journey to the East Coast of Florida to Palm Beach Gardens where we will spend a week with final system inspections at James Knight’s Yacht Tech, who will already have preformed significant mechanical, electrical and cosmetic maintenance and new installations during the months of December and January.

The Second Leg is 880 miles from West Palm Beach to Bermuda, which will take under 6 days. We will stop in Bermuda to refuel in St. Georges, insure the weather for the next leg is acceptable and do whatever maintenance may be necessary.

The Third Leg is a 1,700 mile run from Bermuda to the Azores, which will take about 10 days. This is the longest leg of the trip, but typically the calmest, with average seas less than 4’. Again we will stop to refuel in Horta, insure the weather for the next leg is acceptable and do whatever maintenance may be necessary.

The Fourth Leg is a 1,200 mile run from the Azores to Cork, Ireland which should take about 7 days. As we head North the sky’s will get greyer, and we will move into the westerly’s with higher seas. June is the best time of year to make this trip and average seas will be about 5’, but higher in inclement weather. Nothing Odyssey cannot comfortably transit.

We have reservations to spend two weeks or so with Odyssey moored at the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven, Ireland, which is the oldest yacht club in the world! Nancy and I plan to take a road tour of Ireland. While I spent many years in Ireland in business, there is much of the island I have never seen, and of course I am looking forward to the opportunity to visit old friends and colleagues in Castlebar and Dublin.

I find that float plans change on a regular basis for many reasons: Weather, Maintenance, or simply liking a place and deciding to stay longer than planned. So while we don ‘t have firm plans at this time, it is possible that from Crosshaven we will cruise along the southern and eastern coasts of Ireland and cross the Irish Sea to Scotland. We might moor for 10 days and take a 7-day road trip exploring the interior of England, Scotland and Wales before transiting the 26 locks of the Caledonian Canal, through Loch Ness to the East Coast of Scotland arriving in the beginning of August.

From here we might make a two-day passage across the Irish Sea to the West Coast of Norway and spend the first two weeks of August visiting the Fiords and working our way along the South Coast to Oslo. We could spend a week moored in Oslo exploring and then take a 10 cruise down the coast to Copenhagen, Denmark. The Danish Archipelago which consists of over five hundred islands, so there are many harbors to stop and explore!

Again we could take a week to explore the local area while moored in Copenhagen before beginning our 21-day cruise to Amsterdam through the Kiel Canal.

We plan to arrive at the new Amsterdam Marina www.amsterdammarina.com on October 1st where we will lay over for the winter.

We expect to return to the states for the Holidays and then, having Odyssey as our base, explore Western Europe by train in the early spring before departing for our next adventure

Don & Nancy

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Odyssey Journal - December 2017

From our Family to yours - We wish you a very Merry Christmas with hopes for a Peaceful and Prosperous New Year!

They say that Cruising Float Plans are written in sand, and ours has been affected by a series of tidal flows for sure!  When we sold our home in Sarasota last November, our intention was to set off on a 2-3 year cruise of Northern Europe and the Mediterranean.  But then...we found the house of our dreams in Nancy’s home town and there was a powerful draw to spend the coming summers there.  As our fantastic cruise through Northern Europe continued into fall the weather started cold and got a little cooler.  So we decided that spending the winter in Amsterdam just wasn’t going to work for our old Floridian bones and we made plans to ship Odyssey to St. Thomas to spend the winter in the Caribbean! A couple of hurricanes later, those plans changed to ship Odyssey back to Palm Beach, which we did in late October.

Odyssey being loaded aboard the ship in Rotterdam, and arriving in West Palm Beach three weeks later.  As you can see, Odyssey did not strain the ships cranes at all…!  Once Odyssey arrived Capt. Jim Mobley took her over to Yacht Tech to have the bottom paint touched up and a few minor maintenance issues tended to while Nancy were still in Petoskey getting things unpacked and organized for next summer.

We had the opportunity to go to the Eagles Concert at the new Little Caesar’s Arena in Detroit, which has always been on our Bucket List.  Unfortunately though, we didn’t get to see Glen Fry, but his son Deacon was a pleasure to listen to.

We also had time to visit with the kids and have our annual pre-Christmas party.

Back in Petoskey, I stayed out of the way putting up pine paneling and insulating the woodworking shop while Nancy was busy unpacking and setting up house, including framing one of my Grandfather’s paintings that no previous generation had let out of the box! But the early snow convinced us our plan to spend the winters in Florida was a good one!

It was great to get back to Florida and wear shorts for the first time since May! We had a nice Thanksgiving with friends in Sarasota, and then went to pick up Odyssey in Palm Beach Gardens.  We spent a week at anchor re-provisioning and making sure all systems were working as it seemed we would be spending the next few months largely at anchor having heard that dock space was very hard to find because of all the damaged marinas.  Satisfied that everything was in order we set off for Key West in perfect weather.

As we approached Marathon, which we had heard was devastated, we passed two barges full of wrecked boats being hauled north.  We anchored outside Boot Harbor and proceeded in by dinghy to find the marinas open and in good shape! A crew of about 12 men were working cranes loading wrecked boats onto a barge, but the work seemed to be almost completed.  A few boats still litter the shore, but by in large Boot Harbor is open with lots of empty moorings available.  It seems to me that the storms provided Marathon with the opportunity to rid themselves of a lot of abandoned derelict boats that had accumulated over the years with the help of State and Federal Funds, and will be much improved as a result.

We arrived in Key West yesterday and decided to pull into Stock Island Marina which we wanted to check out anyway. The weather forecast for today was dreadful and it would be no fun at anchor.  We love the place!  New floating cement docks, Dog Park, Restaurants, Swimming Pool, a workout room and easy access to downtown via moped, Uber or free hourly shuttle.  Lots of empty docks and they offered us a fantastic deal to stay the month...we accepted!

So our float plan remains written in sand….. and subject to change with the next tide!  We plan to arrive in Sarasota by mid-January and spend the next few months there getting Nancy’s condo packed up and ready to put on the market.  In the meantime we are having a ball and very thankful for the blessings we have received.

Fair Winds, Following Seas,

and Merry Christmas to all…..!!

Don & Nancy…and Daisy of course!

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What a fantastic updating post, Don & Nancy! Glad to hear that all is continuing well! So much for long-range plans, we make them & God Laughs!!! Here’s to flexibility into the New Year & ongoing as you fill & drain that “bucket list”!!! Merry Christmas! All the best, Patty (& Vinnie & Roxanne, too!).

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SUBJECT: Re: Odyssey Journal - December 2017 - ignore the prior versions Merry Christmas to you both. We look forward to seeing you here in Sarasota!!! Safe travels. Don

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SUBJECT: Re: Odyssey Journal - December 2017 - ignore the prior versions Don & Nancy, Welcome home. Thanks for the rest of the story. Enjoyed following you on your Great trip. Have a Merry Christmas. Hope to see you all in January. Tom & Helga

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SUBJECT: Re: Odyssey Journal - December 2017 - ignore the prior versions Don and Nancy, Merry Christmas And a wonderful Holiday to you both. Sounds like you are in a great area to Celebrate the holiday. We hear New Years Eve there is really great! We look forward to our cruise and then the kids here on New Years. Will be nice to see you once you are back in Sarasota, look forward in in making a plan at this end! Take good care much happiness and good health in 2018 Hugs Sharon n Frank > On Dec 9, 2017, at 1:58 PM, Odyssey''s Journal (www.odyssey5546.net) wrote: > >

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SUBJECT: Re: Odyssey Journal - December 2017 - ignore the prior versions > Hi Don, Very interesting reading your blog regarding your current situation. We were wondering what had happened as hadn''t seen anything from yourself and Nancy since you got to Amsterdam. It''s a pity that you haven''t stayed in Europe so we could meet up somewhere. We are presently in Australia till end of January. After a couple of weeks in Cornwall we are going to Breckenridge skiing and then will be in Florida, Boca Raton and Fort Myers so perhaps we can meet for a beer. Glad everything safe with you all. Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year, David & Pippa.

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SUBJECT: Re: Odyssey Journal - December 2017 - ignore the prior versions All sounds very exciting —- flexibility a must!!! Don- I have your charts which helped me make my memorable trip to Maine- I can leave them with Winnie mid January- thanks much! Richard Richard K.M. McCaffery President McCaffery & Company 1800 Second Street Suite 853 Sarasota, Florida 34236 Office: 941-366-1733 Mobile: 941-685-3092 www.mccafferyandcompany.com > On Dec 9, 2017, at 2:00 PM, Odyssey''s Journal (www.odyssey5546.net) wrote: > >

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